7 Steps to choosing a recruiting partner

Recruiting Partner

Even though there are several staffing agencies in Alberta, finding the one that best suits your company’s needs doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Selecting a staffing agency is a critical step in managing your company’s flexible workforce. Your criteria for a staffing partner should be the same as for any new supplier. Quality, service and price are the key elements in making your final selection. Some factors to consider are:

  1. Hiring Process: Does the staffing agency identify your company’s special requirements and match this information to their employee work profiles? What types of assessment programs do they use? Once the staffing agency understands your needs, can they promptly fill your requirements? Potential applicants should be thoroughly screened, evaluated and interviewed to accurately assess their skill levels and ensure the best match for the position.
  2. Turnaround time (TAT): Use your own benchmarks to derive efficiencies you are looking for. If it takes you 75 days to fill a role internally. The agency should be able to do better! Clearly state what your expectations are and check in advance what they can achieve for you.
  3. Recruiting Costs: As in above, again it would be a good idea starting with your own benchmarks and what you are looking from an agency to provide you. Agency markups range from 30% for direct hires to all the way to 150% in some special cases!
  1. Performance Guarantees: The staffing agency should offer a guarantee that the associate will meet your company’s needs. Front-line employees should be empowered and trained to resolve customer concerns quickly and effectively.
  2. Candidate Benefits: Compensation for temporary workers should be competitive. Staffing agencies that offer incentive programs attract and retain the best people. Staffing agencies should provide worker’s compensation, medical and dental insurance. Many top agencies also provide holiday and vacation pay, as well as tuition reimbursement in order to ensure the continuous training of their applicants in today’s most sought-after skills.
  3. Specialized Services: Ask if the staffing agency provides a comprehensive menu of specialized services. Staffing agencies that provide specialized services such as Information Technology, Retail & Financial professional skills. An extensive range of services managed through one point of contact can ultimately improve the responsiveness & efficiency of your company’s specific requirements adding value in the process.
  4. Competitive Advantages: Make sure that the staffing agency you choose for your company has some significant competitive advantages that allow them to find the best applicants for you and also save your company money in the long run. For example;
    1. Global reach to find applicants in multiple geographies & time zones to support your global operations.
    2. Do they utilize Internet recruitment sites, job fairs, or some new/effective high-tech methods to allow the best and largest number of applicants to apply for the jobs?
    3. In addition if they have the ability to fulfill larger job orders quickly as possible, or if they have effective diversity initiatives in place in order to assist their clients in meeting their diversity targets.

In today’s ever-shifting business environment, a staffing agency can act as your human resource management partner—one who thoroughly understands the unique aspects of your industry, company culture, and business fluctuations. Ensure you understand a staffing agency’s capabilities. The right selection can be the definitive solution for managing your company’s contingent workforce.

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